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Renault S.A. is a French vehicle manufacturer producing cars, vans, buses, tractors, and trucks. The company is well known for numerous revolutionary designs, security technologies and motor racing.

When its cars were exported to the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, the name was commonly mispronounced as "ren-alt" to and by the American public, and the Americanised pronunciation continues in common usage, though the original French has gained significant ground over recent years. In the United Kingdom it is pronounced "ren-o" though the French pronunciation is closer to "ruh-no"...

Production models:

Recent "name" models (1980–)
Renault Avantime (2001–2003)
Renault Clio (1990–)
Renault Espace (1984–)
Renault Fuego (1980–1987)
Renault Kangoo (1999–)
Renault Laguna (1993–)
Renault Logan (2004–)
Renault Mégane (1996–)
Renault Medallion (1988-1989)
Renault Modus (2004–)
Renault Safrane (1992–1998)
Renault Scénic (1996–)
Renault Twingo (1992–)
Renault Vel Satis (2001-)

Concept Cars
Argos (1994)
Be Bop (2003)
Espace F1 (1995)
Ellypse (2002)
Fiftie (1996)
Fluence (2004)
Koléos (2000)
Laguna (1992)
Mégane (1988)
Pangea (1997)
Racoon (1993)
Talisman (2001)
Velsatis (2000)
Wind (2004)
ZO (1998)
Zoé (2005)

Vans and trucks
Renault 4 Fourgonette 1962-1992
Renault Estafette 1965-1978
Renault Kangoo 1998-
Renault Trafic
Renault Master
Renault Magnum
Renault Kerax
Renault Mascott
Renault Midlum
Renault 50 Series 1979-1993
Renault Express 1984-1997

Renault R212
Renault R312
Renault PR-100
Renault PR100 MI
Renault PR100-2
Renault PR180 MI articulated
Renault CityBus
Renault Agora
Renault Agora S
Renault-Irisbus Agora L articulated



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