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Opel is an automobile manufacturer based in Germany. The company was founded on January 21, 1863 and began making automobiles in 1899. Opel was acquired by General Motors in 1929 and continues as a subsidiary. Opel is GM's largest European brand and with Vauxhall forms GM's core European business.

Some have suggested that the Vauxhall name should be dropped in the UK in favour of Opel, thereby harmonising GM's marketing strategy across Europe. However, Vauxhall has rejected this, on the grounds that its brand is well known, and fleet buyers, who are its main customer base, insisted that Opel models be rebadged as Vauxhalls. Opel will also provide design and engineering to the American Saturn marque, similar to the Vauxhall situation in the U ...

Production models:

Opel Admiral
Opel Agila
Opel Antara
Opel Ascona
Opel Astra
Opel Blitz
Opel Calibra
Opel Commodore
General Motors Corsa
Opel Corsa
Opel Diplomat
Opel Frogster G
Opel GT
Opel Gemini
Opel Isuzu
Opel Kadett
Chevrolet Kadett
Opel Kapitän
Opel Meriva
Opel Monza
Opel Movano
Opel Olympia
Opel Omega
Opel Vivaro
Opel Rekord R cont.
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Opel Senator
Opel Signum
Opel Combo
Opel Sintra
Opel Speedster
Opel Super Six
Opel Tigra
Opel Trixx
Opel Vectra
Opel Vita
Opel Zafira
General Motors Zafira



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