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Performance parts and accessories to tune your Mercedes-Benz cars. Compare prices, read reviews and more. Get our lowest Mercedes-Benz cars prices. Research any new or used vehicle. Mercedes-Benz tune up equipment and specialty hand tools.

Tuning for Mercedes-Benz. Our company provides High Performance Tuning, Expertise, Research, Products, and Services. Our Tuning Programs incorporate products from the leading European part manufacturers, combined with in-depth research information, experience and tuning expertise. We provide honest, straightforward advice and an outstanding customer experience through our intuitive tuning site interface. Our customers share in our pride, passion, knowledge, and authoritative tuning skills.

KLEEMANN has 20 years of experience with tuning and styling cars from Mercedes-Benz. This ensures quality and functionality in every KLEEMANN product. As a result KLEEMANN is among the very best in the world when it comes to engine tuning, and our own KLEEMANN ECU upgrade is no exception. Optimizing the engine control unit will enhance the power output and refine the driving characteristics of the car. Whether the engine runs on petrol or diesel, or is a forced induction or naturally aspirated engine - KLEEMANN has a solution that will fit your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes SLK R170 / R171 Tuning - Select Year & Model to Proceed

Mercedes SLK R170 / R171 Tuning - Rimier Motor Sport provides a complete Mercedes SLK R170 / R171 Tuning program covering models from 1998 through 2007. Supported models include the R170 SLK 230, 320, 32 AMG, and the R171 SLK 280, 350 and 55 AMG.

We offer best of breed performance parts combined with technical expertise and honest personal service that help our customers to make the right Mercedes SLK tuning decisions.

One of our featured company owned vehicles is a Mercedes R170 SLK. The Rimier Motor Sport SLK features Kinesis Wheels, Stoptech Brakes, sport suspension, and race exhaust.

We work in partnership with our Mercedes customers to make the experience of upgrading their SLK R170 / R171 is as simple and intuitive as possible. We supply expertise, services & quality products that add value, increase performance, or enhance the elegant look of Mercedes SLK R170 / R171 models. Our customers are part of an exclusive tuning group that appreciate performance, quality, service and shared knowledge - we hope you’ll join us.

To begin select the year and model of your Mercedes SLK R170 / R171 or to see a broad range of Mercedes SLK Tuning manufacturers, stay in this Research section and select Mercedes Tuning in the Model menu.

Mercedes SLK Tuning Background

Mercedes used the German words sportlich leicht kompakt to describe the smaller roadster introduced in 1997.

The R170 SLK 230 Kompressor was the first of a series of the small roadster to appear. However, it was not until the introduction of the SLK 320 in 2001 and the inclusion of a six speed manual gearbox that the real potential of the small roadster was delivered.

Mercedes added the AMG SLK 32 model in 2002. The SLK 32 coming with a supercharged 3.2L V6 engine producing 350hp. The last of the R170 SLK was produced in 2004 before the upgrade to the newer R171.

The new R171 SLK includes the 280, 350 and the awesome SLK 55 AMG. The AMG car featured as the Formula One pace car during the 2005 season and the wonderful exhaust tone could be heard above the F1 cars. Despite a certain German world champion complaining that the pace car was too slow, the SLK 55 AMG is very fast round the track.


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