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HIN Reloaded

Mazda has been supporting Hot Import Nights since even before legendary import drag pioneer and Mazda racer Abel Ibarra was racing RX-2's (well, almost). Nevertheless, the connection between Mazda and the import tuning world has been in place since the first rotary stormed the quarter mile and the first lowered and polished Mazda RX-7's were entered into the first import car shows. Today, Mazda's sponsorship of HIN gives Mazda the opportunity to bring a mix of showroom and show-off room to the HIN floors. At HIN LA, the Mazda booth displayed a pair of highly tuned Mazda RX-7's, including Les Wong's wide-bodied FD show stopper (see Meet The Tuners). Les' RX-7 has continually evolved since it left the showroom and found Les' garage, and 2005 is no different; the red FD now sports a red camouflage graphic scheme that's as wild as its spec sheet. A blue scissor-door equipped and carbon fiber clad FD RX-7 also shared the Mazda spotlight with a Street Concepts prepared MAZDA6 Sport Wagon also in the mix.

But the Mazda display wasn't the only place to check out some hot custom Mazdas. Tuner Rotary Xecret 7 brought in a gaggle of highly-tuned, highly-boosted Mazda RX-7's and RX-8's; including Tony Yeh's (featured in this month's Meet The Tuners) otherworldly and very exclusive Japanese RE Amemiya AC037 body kit . Southern California's Team Hybrid brought another strong team showing to HIN and their tangerine-colored RX-8 Carbon Creations outfitted (carbon fiber front end, rear bumper, trunk lid, and side skirts) was one of the hottest RX-8's on the show floor. The RX-8 wasn't the only tangerine head turner - the FiberImages MAZDA3 that stunned MAZDA3 owners with its carbon fiber widebody kit at the 2004 SEMA Show was at it again at HIN LA. There were many more examples of Mazda tuning spread across the show floor. Pristine, better than showroom condition Mazda RX-2? Check. RE Amemiya-kitted RX-8. Yup. Modified Miatas, MAZDA6's, and Protegé's? Yes, yes, and yes.

Whether its: JDM, drift, show-style, Euro, or VIP - HIN shows regularly spotlight the hottest styling trends in the sport compact and import tuning scene. Whatever your particular styling passion is, there was a piece of eye-candy at HIN LA for the taking. For the drift obsessed, examples of slideways machinery included both JDM and USDM rides. The D1 Grand Prix series showcased their multi-national series at HIN with a few D1 rides from Japan. 2003 D1 Grand Prix champion Youichi Imamura wasn't not in attendance but is again storming the drift circuit in his A'pex-I FD generation Mazda RX-7 that drifted to the championship. Tire companies like Dunlop, Falken, and Toyo also showed off rubber-shredding drift machines. Dunlop, like they did at SEMA, even had a barber on hand ready to shave some Dunlop tread designs onto your scalp in exchange for a freebie set of tires. (Yes, tuners will do anything for a free set of tires.)

For 2005, the Hot Import Nights series will visit 21 cities with to highlight the best and boldest of the import and sport compact custom culture - it's a good bet that Mazda enthusiasts are going to be at every single one.


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