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Tuning for Ford. Our company provides High Performance Tuning, Expertise, Research, Products, and Services. Our Tuning Programs incorporate products from the leading European part manufacturers, combined with in-depth research information, experience and tuning expertise. We provide honest, straightforward advice and an outstanding customer experience through our intuitive tuning site interface. Our customers share in our pride, passion, knowledge, and authoritative tuning skills.

Ford Tuning Secrets Revealed (Secrets Revealed series) (Hardcover)
How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems (Motorbooks Workshop) (Paperback)

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Jeff Hartman. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a background of more than 1,000 magazine articles on the subject, engine control expert Jeff Hartman explains everything from the basics of engine management to the building of complicated project cars.

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This chapter will show you tuning, step-by-step: the Ford Electronic Engine Control computer is removed from Dario's car; a newly made custom tune is programmed into a performance chip; the chip is installed into the computer and all the work is verified on a car dynamometer. Read the first page
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Watson makes the Ford fuel injection system easy to understand, and shows you how to get the most out of your EEC IVs helpful self-diagnostic system. Your guide to understanding, troubleshooting, repairing, tuning, and modifying fuel-injected Ford engines. Detailed text and 250 illustrations provide step-by-step information for testing and tuning engines for peak performance and efficiency.
With more than 3 million current generation Mustangs built since 1987, this fully illustrated guide shows everything an owner needs to know to modify the Mustang for maximum performance.

The author has done a fantastic job explaining the engine management computers boxes in your car. As someone that enjoys engine tuning cars and working on forced induction systems, the book was a wealth of knowledge. There wasn't a single page that wasn't packed with great information. I can't say enough good things about the book, Jeff (author) shows his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject on every page. He explains the components one at a time and in depth and how they interrelate with each other as well issues he has had and how he resolved them. He also lists the issues he has had with his project cars and how he fixed them. I'm going to refer to this book and take notes from the project cars he detailed in the book to better understand the issues and performance techniques with my own projects. 5 STARS ...
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